«6th Panathinaikos A.C. – TYR International Swimming Trophy»

Panathinaikos A.C. organizes at the Aquatics Centre of the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens (Ο.Α.Κ.Α.) venue, the International Swimming Competition named:

«6th Panathinaikos A.C.TYR International Swimming Trophy»

The swimming competition will take place between December 2-4, 2022. Swimmers enrolled to all officially recognized Clubs  from Greece and abroad may participate, according to the rules and provisions of the Hellenic Swimming Federation (HSF), the Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN) and the Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA).

Session Α and Β: International Swimming Trophy Panathinaikos AC– TYR Κ: 13-18

Session SΕ: International Open Star Event Panathinaikos AC – TYR (Appendix #SE)

Competition details (PART Α and Β)

Organizer: Panathinaikos A.C., with the support of Hellenic Republic Region of Attica and TYR Sportswear Company, under the auspices of the Hellenic Swimming Federation and specifically the HSF Attica Regional Committee.

Venue: Ο.Α.Κ.Α. – Athens (Olympic Aquatics Centre), 50m indoor pool, Spyrou Loui 1 Ave., Gate D (Δ), 151 23 Maroussi. (Googlemaps Plus code: 8GS52QQH+8X)

Pool Specifications: 50m, 8 lanes, capacity 5500 seats, water  temperature 26,5ο – 27ο.

Dates & Time of Events: The events will take place in a non-stop timetable program according to the following schedule (Appendix #1), which will be adapted again according to participants / per event, similarly to all previous successful competitions organized before and during the COVID pandemic.

General Rules: Official electronic  timing, under the supervision of HSF.

Categories: Based on the competition period of 2023 and the formal categorization of Hellenic Swimming Federation (HSF)

  • 13 years old (born 2010)                                        C13 
  • 14 years old (born 2009)                                        C14
  • 15-16 year sold (born 2007-2008)                   C15-16
  • 17-18 year sold(born 2005-2006)                    C17-18

Heats – Ranking: The events for Session A&B, will take place with the process of final heats (open) for all the above mentioned age groups (13 – 18 year old). The ranking will be conducted according to the above categories. The order of the heats will be from the slowest to the fastest, according to officially recorded timings.

In Session Β, swimmers will participate from slowest until the 4th fastest heat of 100 – 200m events and up until the 7th fastest heat of 50m events. Eligible to participate in Section A will be swimmers from the 3 fastest heats of 100 – 200m events and the 6 fastest of 50m events.  The pyramid scheme will not apply. 

Additional Terms of Participation for Sessions Α and Β:

  • Events of 400m Freestyle will be held in four heats for men and four for women, this means 32 + 32 fastest swimmers at maximum.
  • Events of 400m Individual Medley will be held in two heats for men and two for women,  this means 16 + 16 fastest swimmers at maximum.
  • Events of 800m Freestyle will be held in two heats for men and two for women,   this means 16 + 16 fastest swimmers at maximum.
  • Events of 1500m Freestyle will be held in two heats for men and two for women,   this means 16 + 16 fastest swimmers at maximum.
  • For the events of 400m, 800m, 1500m freestyle and 400m individual medley, fastest times will be considered those recorded officially from May 2022 achieved in a 50m swimming pool.
  • Each swimmer has the right to participate in up to six (6) events. Suggested number is four (4) events.
  • To avoid delays, limits will apply on slowest time possible for participation as depicted in Appendix #1
  • The swimmers of Panathinaikos A.C., who are older than 18 years old, may join any event, no contest.

Prizes / Medals: Medals will be awarded to the first three (3) winners per category (age group). The teams that will gather the best point score will also be awarded per race category. In case of equal scores, the gold medals – and if necessary the silver and bronze medals – will be taken into account. More precisely:

  • General point score C13
  • General point score C14
  • General point score C15-16
  • General point score C17-18

Award will be given to the best male and the best female swimmer of Sections A&B, based on international FINA scoring, and will be given a price of 250,00€. Finally, awards and gifts will be given on the best male and female swimmers on all categories.

Warm Up: The warm-ups will take place in accordance to schedule depicted in Appendix#1.

Victory Ceremony: The medal ceremonies will take place during the races, without interrupting the flow of the program. This will not be applied to the SΕ session (Star Event).

Opening – Close Ceremony:  Prior to the STAR EVENT, on Saturday 3/12, a short opening ceremony will take place. The Close Ceremony will include awards to the winners according to FINA point system and winning teams.

Accommodation – Transportation: Respective proposals and guidelines will follow in a special Appendix.

Participation Costs: 25,00€ (Twenty-five euros) per swimmer. This cost provisions the right to participate up to four (4) events and presence to the Star Event. The 5th event incurs an additional cost of 8,00€ (eight euros) and the 6th event incurs an additional cost of 12,00€ (twelve euros) on top. Three euros (3€ included) are attributed to HSF.

The Events of SΕ (Star Event) are independent from all other events of the competition.    

The total cost for each swimming club will be calculated based on the number of participating swimmers in the events, after taking into consideration any withdrawals or new entries.

Participation / Entries:

The event will host up to 1200 swimmers. Priority will be given to 300 participant swimmers coming from foreign swimming clubs, 300 swimmers coming from swimming clubs located outside the Attica region and 600 swimmers coming from swimming clubs located in the Attica region, with an extra priority to the clubs based in the OAKA Aquatics Centre.

The swimming clubs interested in participating, need to express their interest (including an estimation of the number of participating swimmers), by sending an email until Sunday 20/11/2022. Final entries of participation need to be send between 12:00, Monday 21 November 2022, to 24:00, Sunday 27 November 2022, to the following email address: swimming@koe.org.gr, cc: pao_aquatics@hotmail.com.

Volunteers: Information on the benefits of registering as a volunteer to the Volunteer Program of the Organizing Committee of the event «6th Panathinaikos AC – TYR International Swimming Trophy» is provided on request. A certificate of participation as volunteer is issued for professional, university and school use.

Information: You may address any inquiries to:

  • Secreteriat of  Panathinaikos in ΟΑΚΑ tel. (+30) 210 6826659 (Monday to Friday 17:00 – 20:00 and Saturday 11:00 –13:00).
  • Via email to Panathinaikos Swimming Club: pao_aquatics@hotmail.com